Goan Sweets

Bebinca (Bibik)

Most popular Goan pudding. It’s a layered sweet with taste that defines Goan delicacies. The queen of Goan sweets. Ingredients used are refined flour, egg yolks, sugar, coconut milk, nutmeg powder & butter. It takes approx. 6-8hours for a bebik to prepare.


Dodol is the Goan version of the Halwa predominantly Portuguese era. The main ingredients are rice flour, Goan Jaggery, Coconut Milk, Cashew nuts all sourced locally from Goa. It’s sweet with small pieces of cashews that just make it more delectable. Eggless


Goan coconut pie made on the base of thin refined flour with main ingredients being Grated coconut, semolina (Rava), Egg yolks, Sugar, Ground cardamom, Margarine.


Main ingredients Coconut, wheat flour & rice flour, Jaggery, Fresh Coconut toddy, Cardamom. This sweet is baked on banyan tree leaves and is one of the compulsory sweets to be a part of the Goan catholic wedding.


Another Goan sweet with ingredients locally sourced in Goa from roasted rice, coconut, jaggery, ginger being the main ingredient. A delicacy served during Christmas in Goa.

Gram Doce  (Doce de Grao)

The main ingredients are Boiled Gram dal (lentil), grated coconut, sugar, ground cardamom. One of the most popular choices of Goan sweet. This sweet is available in soft and hard versions. Eggless


Grated coconut, semolina (rava), Egg yolks, Sugar, Ground cardamom, Margarine. The round-shaped Goan sweet with a coconut taste being prominent.

Dos Bhaji

Coconut juice, broken wheat, sugar, nutmeg powder. Health benefits for lactating mothers.


Main ingredients coconut, Rava  (semolina), cashew nut paste, and sugar. One of the main sweet delicacies associated with Goan catholic weddings. Originally cocad is white in color but as per the festivities, green and red colored versions are prepared.